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All in-app purchases made using the buy button are covered by Buyer Protection. You'll get a full refund if the seller hasn't sent your item.

1.     Contact the Seller directly for an update

2.     Ask the Seller if the item has been shipped and proof of shipping

3.     Check the tracking details to see the status of your order

4.     If the seller doesn’t get back to you or the item has not been shipped after 7 days, please            report in-app by going to your Profile > Settings > Send us a message

5.     Only items purchased inside of Mamish with the BUY button are covered by Buyers                       Protection

6.     You can open a dispute on PayPal from 7 days up to 180 days from the transaction date

Out-of-app payments do not offer any protection and are against our rules. Please report the issue so we can take action against the Seller, and help keep Mamish a safe place to Buy and Sell.