What is Mamish?

Mamish is a social marketplace that allows fashion lovers from all over the world to buy and sell fashion items from each other.

How can I purchase an item on Mamish?

Buying on Mamish is simple! Did you find an item you like? Just click the BUY button and continue to purchase with Paypal or credit card. The seller will receive a notification that the item was sold and start wrapping it up for delivery. Remember, only items purchased using the Mamish BUY button will be covered with our buyer protection service. Items that will be sold outside of the app will have no coverage or guarantee.

How can I add an item to my saved items list?

On every item page, you will find a bookmark button on the upper side menu. When clicking this button, we will add this Item to your saved items list under the "Saved Items" tab on your profile page.

How can I become a Mamish seller?

​Want to start selling on Mamish? Easy! You will see the "add new item" button (marked in a red +) on your home screen. Click it and complete the steps for adding your first item. At the end of the process, you will be asked to connect your Paypal account to wire your earnings.

What are the fees Mamish collects from sellers?

Mamish will charge a 10% fee of the total sale price (including delivery) for every sale you will make. Mamish uses this fee to cover operational and marketing costs such as developers, customer support, and marketing campaigns across social channels. This way, we continue to grow and nurture our community and ensure our users get the best experience when using Mamish.
Fee structure:
Mamish fee- 10%
Paypal fee- varies according to the sale amount.
As a seller, you will earn at least 85% of the total sale value.

How can you become a popular seller on Mamish?

1.↗️ Share your closet:
This is your unique closet link 👈🏻[LINK]. Share it across your social network profiles and publish your closet. The more visitors you will have, the more followers and sales you will get.
2. Sell only through Mamish💰
The most powerful tool for promoting your items will be to sell via the BUY button. Our smart algorithm will recognize you as a popular seller and promote your items on the feeds. Selling outside of the app will leave your closet behind. 3. Give extra attention to your items' pictures📷
Attractive and stylish pictures increase interest in your items 4. Follow other closets, interact and increase your presence in the Mamish community to get more followers 👘👙👗 5. Use inspirations💃🏻
Share your looks in Mamish Inspirations. This is how you can expose other users to your chich and style.

How Shipping works on Mamish?

The seller completely handles shipping on Mamish. Inside every item page, you will find the delivery options that the seller set as available for that item. Once you have purchased an item through the BUY button, the seller will initiate the delivery process to the address you've added to the purchase page. We will begin supporting advanced delivery options inside the USA very soon.